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Central Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment – Kubinka

Today, the collection of the Central Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment contains over 300 units of armored vehicles and equipment from 14 countries; over 60 of them exist in the world in a single original, in other words, it is the world’s largest tank museum by uniqueness of its exhibits.

Interest in the museum and shown exhibits is huge. In 2010, the museum was visited by more than 110,000 people, including foreign tourists from more than 34 countries.

The collection of Russian medium tanks starts from the most famous tank – the legendary T-34. This tank formed the column “Moscow pioneer”. This machine is characterized by a rare configuration: only the front and rear rollers are rubber-coated, middle steel rollers have no bandage. No more than 6-7 such tanks preserved in the world.

At the pavilion demonstrating German armored vehicles, the heavy tank “Tiger-II” attracts attention by its inscription “Captured 13.08.1944, 3rd Battalion, 53 Armored Brigade of the 6th Guards Tank Corps. The Brigade Commander V.S. Arkhipov”. On August 13, 1944, at the first day of application of Royal Tigers at the Eastern Front, the Soviet forces managed to defeat the 501st separate heavy tank battalion “Tiger-II” and to capture three new working machines with turret numbers 102, 502, and 234.

Ticket Prices

For citizens of Russia and CIS countries

• Ticket for adult – 200 rub.
• Ticket for kid – 100 rub.
• Discount ticket – 100 rub.
• Children of preschool age – free

For foreign citizens

• Ticket – 600 rub.
• Photo and video – 600 rub.

Excursion Programs

• Sightseeing tour of the pavilions demonstrating Nazi Germany equipment, Soviet heavy tanks, medium tanks of the USSR and the Russian Federation. 
• From Russian Reno to modern fighting vehicles.
• Development of foreign equipment.
• Development of Russian equipment.
• Thematic excursion “Tanks of the USSR and Germany in the Great Patriotic War” for school children.

Booking the Excursion

If you would like to order the excursion, please, call the sightseeing tour agency by phones: 8(498)720-36-05, 8(926)959-07-56 or send an application by e-mail: mbtvt@mbtvt.ru

Work Schedule

The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, while the ticket office is open until 5:00 pm. The museum is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, while the ticket office is open until 6:00 pm.


143071, Moscow Region, Odintsovo district, Kubinka-1 Settl. (29 км of Tatiana Provence Hotel)



Address, phones

  • Address: 143116, Moscow region, Ruzsky rayon, Potapovo 61/1
  • Tel: +7(926) 523-37-20
  • Fax: +7(495) 721-25-21
  • Email: fermapotapovo@gmail.com
  • GPS: N55° 49' 636"  E36° 02' 131"
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