Bedroom with mezzanine “Edelweiss”

Accommodation price in the bedroom with mezzanine “Edelweiss” (all inclusive), Rub/Night:

1 pers.


2 pers. 28500
Additional place – 6 900 Rub.

“Edelweiss” bedroom is located in the Main Guest House.

The finishing of each room is made with only natural materials: marble, plaster, oak and larch. In the bedroom our guests can enjoy furniture made of aged pine tree, bathroom with heated floor and stand alone Italian shower, king-size bed, downy pillows and covers, French bed sheets, bathrobes and toiletry. The rooms are also equipped with plasma TV, safe box, mini-bar, weights and WI-FI.

The interior of the bedrooms is inspired by Alpine small houses: majestic bed with baldachin, soft flax draperies with edelweiss, wool bedcovers, multiple soft pillows and nice accessories with country style prints.

“Edelweiss” bedroom of the total space of 40 sq. m. is divided into two living areas: living room with soft couch and armchair and bedroom.

There is a wonderful view on ponds, apple trees garden and field for polo and pasture where our nurslings spend their sunny time in summer.

Warm and cozy atmosphere of the bedroom will offer you multiple hours of calm relaxation and nonchalance.


Address, phones

  • Address: 143116, Moscow region, Ruzsky rayon, Potapovo 61/1
  • Tel: +7(926) 523-37-20
  • Fax: +7(495) 721-25-21
  • Email:
  • GPS: N55° 49' 636"  E36° 02' 131"
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