Fees and Prices, Payment Terms

Payment method:

•Cash payment in Moscow office;
•Credit card in Moscow office or at the farm (Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Diners Club);
•Bank payment for legal entities (closing documents provided);
•Bank payment for private persons.

Dear Guests!
According to the veterinary security requirements pets, birds, fish and amphibians from outside the farm are not allowed.

Accommodation Prices

Accommodation Prices (all inclusive), Rub.

Main Guest House Small Guest House
Bedroom with mezzanine luxe Semi-luxe Standard room 2 bedrooms room
1 pers./24 hours 21900 24900 21900 1 pers./24 hours 17640 19900
2 pers./24 hours 28500 31320 28500 2 pers./24 hours 23800 26450

Additional place 6 900 Rub.

Additional place 6 900 Rub.

Check in 5:00 PM. Check out 3:00 PM.

Early check in:

  • before 12:00 the room is paid at 100% of the night price,
  • from 12:00 to 5:00 PM - the room is paid at 50% of the night price.

Late check out:

  • before 11:00 PM - the room is paid at 50% of the night price,
  • after 11:00 PM - the room is paid at 100% of the night price.


  • accommodation,
  • meals based on meat and milk products by the farm three times a day (children below 10 years old are serviced in the small lunch hall),
  • WI FI ,
  • safe box,
  • swimming pool,
  • sauna,
  • play room for children
  • cinema hall,
  • rent of sport items,
  • fishing at the pond,
  • equipped rest places,
  • playground for children,
  • fields for sports,
  • guarded parking.

Additional Services

Russian Bath
Time Service Price, Rub
2 hours Additional hour
07:00 - 24:00 Bath (up to 4 pers.) 6000 1000
Bath with large rest room 8000 2000
Entire bath complex (2 baths with large rest room up to 8 pers.) 12000 3000
Rent of equipped area for barbeque 3 hours
Fishing at the Pond
Rent of equipment only 500
If you have your own equipment the service is provided free of charge
07:00 - 24:00 American billiard 1 hour 500
Russian billiard 1 hour 1000

Horse Polo and Horse Riding

Entry lesson on horse riding 45 min. 1 pers. 3000 Rub.
Individual polo lesson with trainer
45 min. 1 pers. 5000 Rub.
Polo lesson in group
45 min. от 2 pers. 3000 Rub. (each pers.)
Pony riding lesson for children (up to 40 kg.) 15 min. 1 pers. 1000 Rub.
Horse team riding 30 min. 5000 Rub.


Accomodation rules



Dear guests, 

“Potapovo” Farm is a private property. Please, read carefully the main rules. We acknowledge these rules might appear too severe but you can stay at “Potapovo” Farm only if you respect these rules and the regulations defined by the owner. We would like you to feel comfortable and secure at the farm. The leading farm concepts is a respectful and quite relax in contact with nature.

In case of violations the rent agreement can be suspended with immediate departure requirement.

Check in (guaranteed) – 5.00 PM
Check out – 3.00 PM

Parking for lessees is allowed only within the defined for these purposes area.

To register at the farm territory the guest should submit his / her passport. The failure to submit the passport may result in refusal to provide the services with pre-payment retention.

At the reception guests are kindly requested to fill in registration card and to sign standard agreement.

Main Rules:

1. It is required to be careful with property and equipment of the farm and to respect the cleanness and the rules defined by the farm.
2. Lessee is fully financially responsible for any damage caused to the property of the lesser regardless of the nature of the damage – intentionally or by the accident by lessee and / or his / her guests. Refund of the damage is made by the guilty person on site based on the damage price list.
3. Swear words are not allowed during the stay and the communications on the farm territory.
4. Excessive alcohol consumption is not allowed. If such case is discovered the rent agreement can be suspended with immediate departure requirement.
5. Smoking is allowed only in defined areas. Smoking indoor is strictly prohibited.
6. Parents are fully responsible for the behavior and the actions of the underage. Children can stay in the children room only accompanied by the adults. Administration is not responsible for the health and the security of the children on the farm territory.
7. It is prohibited to walk through the lunch hall and the bar in outdoor clothes, play clothes and bathrobes.
8. Respect the silence.
9. It is prohibited to make a fire or to use fireworks outside the defined area.
10. It is prohibited to enter horse barn, cowshed, sheep shed and other premises including the defined areas for pet walks without the farm representative.
11. It is prohibited to feed the animals with alimentary products (except the products provided for these purposes and attended by the farm representative).
12. It is prohibited to leave the equipment provided by the farm (bicycles, skis etc) outside the farm territory.
13. It is prohibited to bring pets to the farm.
14. To order additional services the lessee has to book the time in advance with the help of administrator and to agree the convenient time. Cancellation and reschedule of the service start is to be agreed in advance.
15. It is prohibited to eat and to drink alcohol beverages outside the specially defined areas.
16. The owner has the priority right to define the music repertory and the loudness of the sound.
17. Lessees are required to be polite with the farm staff and the other lessees.
18. It is prohibited to bring out the property of the farm outside the buildings.
19. Be careful, mind your valuables! The lesser is not responsible for the safety of the valuables.
20. It is prohibited to bring to the farm visitors without prior notification of the farm staff.
21. It is prohibited to bring to the farm any cold weapons, fire-arms, explosives, poisonous and any other items that are dangerous for the health and the security of other lessees and the farm staff.
22. It is prohibited to bring to the farm food and alcohol beverages.
23. It is prohibited to open the windows and the doors in staff and technical rooms and electrical switchboards. It is prohibited to switch on and to switch off on own air-conditioning system, electrical equipment, to change the temperature on the air-conditioning remote controls.

Swimming Pool Attendance Rules:

1. It is allowed to attend the swimming pool only wearing swimming suit and special shoes.
2. Don’t leave your personal items unattended in unlocked lockers.
3. It is required to take a shower before entering the swimming pool.
4. Children below 12 years old cannot attend the swimming pool if not accompanied by adults.
5. It is prohibited to attend the swimming pool wearing outdoor clothes and shoes.
6. It is prohibited to run over the swimming pool territory and jump from the swimming pool ledge.
7. It is prohibited to use towels and bathrobes from the room on the swimming pool territory.
8. If you feel chill or discomfort in the water get out of the water immediately.
9. If the intentional or involuntary actions (behavior) of the client is dangerous to his / her own life and / or health and to the health and / or to the life of the other people around or if these actions (behavior) are not in line with the universal moral and ethical principles, the administrator of the farm has the authority to apply the appropriate measures to these people resulting in the suspension of the rent agreement with the request of immediate departure.

Bath Complex Attendance Rules:

1. Booking of bath complex is done only via the administrator.
2. The maximum agreed temperature in the steam room is 80° С.
3. Benches in the steam rooms are located at the different height. Use the benches located at the height corresponding to your personal comfortable temperature conditions.
4. The length of stay in steam rooms and saunas is defined according to personal health conditions and body capacities.
5. Before entering the steam room it is recommended to take a warm shower and dry the body. It is not recommended to wet the head.
6. At the entrance to the steam room it is recommended to cover the head with a cotton shower cap to avoid overheat the head deferents.
7. Be careful with the hot oven with stones.
8. Remember: dramatic temperature changes are dangerous for the health. Don’t take too hot or cold shower before you get to your normal body temperature and blood pressure after the steam room.
9. It is prohibited to bring in liquid, fat, granular, aromatic and other products with the aim to use in the Bath Complex.
10. It is prohibited to open the doors in staff and technical rooms and electrical switchboards and fire security cabinets.

Customer Charter is kept by the administrator and is provided at the first request of a guest (except drunk persons). Requirements and complaints are considered by the administration immediately.




Address, phones

  • Address: 143116, Moscow region, Ruzsky rayon, Potapovo 61/1
  • Tel: +7(926) 523-37-20
  • Fax: +7(495) 721-25-21
  • Email: fermapotapovo@gmail.com
  • GPS: N55° 49' 636"  E36° 02' 131"
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