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Pony club. Pony ride for children

Потапово ПолоPony riding makes children extremely cheerful. Kids are very responsive to the positive energy, coming from a tiny horse, and they reciprocate this kindness. Interacting with horses fosters a love for nature, sympathy, humaneness, and balances aggression. Riding is also very good for training legs and improving posture.

You can trust us with your children without the slightest fear, and they will soon be riding very well and, which is more important, they will love this activity for life!

A little pony by name Tmin, who lives on the Farm, will gladly ride your kids. Every young rider is presented with a special certificate as a surprise.

  • One pony riding class for children (up to 40 kg) costs 1 000 rub/15 min. per person.

На Ферме в Потапово Вы можете устроить незабываемую свадьбу. А так же провести деловую встречу, семинар или семейное торжество.


Address, phones

  • Address: 143116, Moscow region, Ruzsky rayon, Potapovo 61/1
  • Tel: +7(926) 523-37-20
  • Fax: +7(495) 721-25-21
  • Email: fermapotapovo@gmail.com
  • GPS: N55° 49' 636"  E36° 02' 131"
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